Community What Happens in the Outback Garden of Free Roam? Jeremy Affeldt of Free Roam Brewery talks about his business.   For this community spotlight, I interviewed Jeremy Affeldt of Free Roam to find out how his brewery started and what exciting things are happening in their outback beer garden.   Free Roam officially started on March 11. They have music festivals on Wednesdays, Fridays, […]
Community Overcoming The Storm Why Free Roam Brewery is more than just a place to get food and drinks.   Today I’m excited to share some great information from local business owner Jeremy Affeldt. We interviewed him recently, and he told us a little bit about Free Roam Brewing Company and what it’s like being a small business owner […]
Community What Rich Barkley Does for Local Businesses How Rich Barkley supports local businesses with his company Benchmark.   I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rich Barkley from Prime Capital and Benchmark Business Consulting. I was able to ask him all about his businesses and what they can do for you.    Prime Capital is a wealth-management firm that has […]
Community A Wonderful Organization in Our Community What you need to know about Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries.   Have you ever heard of the local nonprofit called Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries? If not, you need to check them out. HCDBM are doing amazing things in our community, and we want to tell you about them. Recently, we had the pleasure […]
Community Give Back To Your Community and Have Some Fun! Here’s how you can give back to your local community and have some fun.   Today I’m pleased to speak with Debi Watson, the Community Resources and Partner Coordinator for Hill Country Daily Bread. It’s always great talking to her, and today we’re focusing on The Big Give.    In case you don’t know, The […]
Home Tips The Importance of Having a Home Warranty Here’s what every homeowner should know about home warranties.  Are home warranties important? I receive this question all the time from many would-be homeowners. To answer it, I invited Megan Sander with Fidelity National Home Warranty to share her expert knowledge on this topic.    Home warranties are traditionally paid for at closing and cover […]
Home Tips What You Should Know About Home Inspections Expert home inspector Kurt Jefferies answers your top questions. Today I’m talking to Kurt Jefferies with the Compass Home Inspection Company. He’s an industry expert who’s been in business for 13 years, worked with some of the biggest companies in the area, and started his own recently. He’s here to answer all your pressing home […]
Home Tips How To Buy a Newly Built Home Why you should watch out for these 6 things when you buy from a builder. How do you buy a home from a new builder? If you’ve never gone through the process before, there are a few things you should keep in mind: A good Realtor can help you navigate the home-building process.   1. […]
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Community How the Boerne Chamber Gives Back Kim Blohm joins me for a conversation about the Boerne Chamber.   Today I’m excited to be joined by Kimberley Blohm, the president of the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce. Our relationship with her goes way back, and we couldn’t do what we do without her support. Today she’s here to share some news about […]
Community An Overview of Boerne, Texas Pt 2 If you’re considering moving to the Hill Country, check out Boerne.   Today we want to highlight one of the centers of Texas’ Hill Country, Boerne. This town has German roots that are apparent as you walk down the street. There’s tons of history here and plenty to do.  You can watch our part two […]
Community How Julie Helps Us Sell Homes How Julie and By Design Staging help us sell homes for more.   Today I’m down at By Design Staging with Julie Young. We worked together for many years, so I wanted to talk about all she does for us.  They’ve worked with me for about a decade now, and they’ve always enjoyed bringing value […]
Land & Ranch A Few Things To Know About Ranch Real Estate Here are some things you should know about ranch real estate in Texas.   Today I’m excited to talk about a subject I love: ranch real estate.  First, I want to discuss how it can be used as a hedge against inflation. Inflation is a sustained increase in the prices of services and goods over […]
Market Update Your May 2022 Market Update Jeremy Dean is here to give a lender’s perspective on our current market.   The magic question for many right now is, “What’s going on in the real estate market?” Jeremy Dean from Legacy Mutual Mortgage is here with me today to discuss the financial aspects of it. Interest rates are changing almost daily. We’ve […]
Community An Overview of Boerne, Texas If you’re considering moving to the Hill Country, check out Boerne.   Today we want to highlight one of the centers of Texas’ Hill Country, Boerne. This town has German roots that are apparent as you walk down the street. There’s tons of history here and plenty to do.    You can watch our part […]
Home Tips How To Get Your Home Organized for a Spring Sale Here are a few helpful tips for organizing your home for the spring market.   If you’re planning to sell your home this year, I have some tips to help get you organized this spring:   1. Pack early. Decluttering and depersonalizing are important steps to getting your home ready for sale. If you can […]
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Market Update When Is the Best Time to Enter the Market?   Five tips to help you decide when the right time to move is.   Buyers and sellers often ask when the right time to enter the real estate market is. We’re currently experiencing a crazy market, so I’m sharing a few things to consider to help you decide when the right time is for […]
Home Tips 5 Tips To Help Buyers Navigate Our Seller’s Market   Here are five methods to help you increase the strength of your offer.   If you’re a homebuyer in today’s market, you know how tough things are currently. Inventory is low, and demand is sky-high, which means that you’ll likely have to compete with others to get it. But it doesn’t have to be […]