Community October 27, 2022

Overcoming The Storm

Why Free Roam Brewery is more than just a place to get food and drinks.


Today I’m excited to share some great information from local business owner Jeremy Affeldt. We interviewed him recently, and he told us a little bit about Free Roam Brewing Company and what it’s like being a small business owner in Boerne. He has been an inspiration in our lives, and I hope that he can inspire you too.


In addition to his normal work at the brewery, Jeremy has been working on a podcast and a book. His podcast studio is set up for four to five guests to come in. He has been able to have some amazing guests record with him, like Hall of Fame catcher Buster Posey. In this podcast, Jeremy focuses on the guests’ triumph over hardship, how they did that, and what we can learn from it. 


He brings many different people on, not just baseball players. He has also interviewed businessmen, movie producers, and more, to talk about the storms they took on that shaped them into who they are, as well as how they utilized who they are as a success to navigate that storm.


“Free Roam Brewery is not just a brewery, it’s a community.”


That’s what the buffalo logo represents. Buffalos charge through storms—they don’t run from them. When you charge through a storm, it passes over you. When you run from it, you stay in it longer because it chases you. If people are having a tough time in their own storm, Jeremy invites them to come have a beer and talk about it. That’s part of what community is about, he says, we help each other. 


Jeremy’s new book about this “buffalo mentality” is coming out soon. It includes his stories of the storms he took on in baseball, losing a 22-year marriage, raising boys, and more. Storms come and go, but when you’re in them, you need people. Free Roam Brewery is not just a brewery. It’s a place to ride the sunshine, enjoy each other’s company, and help each other get through our storms. 


If you would like to be connected to Jeremy, I would be happy to help you do that. If you have any questions, reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to help you.